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Make It Monday - Risotto

I have always been pretty adventurous in the kitchen but there are definitely dishes I am afraid to tackle, but not this week! I tackled a dish that I absolute love but never made at home - Risotto! I used a recipe from Giada's Everyday Italian cookbook, she has a similar recipe on her site Giadzy you can find it here. I stuck pretty close to the recipe which I don't always do but I think because I was nervous I didn't mess around. I did use more mushrooms then the recipe called for and I left out the peas because Tamy isn't a huge fan.

Making Risotto is not as scary as I used to think. I will say you have to be patient, you can't rush the process of adding broth a little at a time doing a lot of stirring and just waiting for this to become creamy and decadent.

The upside to all that stirring and waiting... the wine drinking. Always cook with a wine you want to drink and then you can enjoy as you stir. To complete this dinner I did more experimenting by putting a pork loin in the air fryer. WOW! Really juicy and perfect pairing for the risotto.

What I learned by taking this chance in the kitchen - the risk was worth the reward 100%. Making Risotto was not as hard or scary and I somehow always thought it would be and the time it took to stir and be patient left time to drink wine, listen to music and enjoy the process. This was the first time in a long time that Tamy asked for a second helping and the leftovers were devoured! Taking a chance turned into a super delicious meal that I'm really proud of and it has opened the door to my confidence and I'll like be making something else I'm afraid of in the future.

How about a little homework? Pull out that recipe you've been dying to try but that you're a little afraid of and make it! The worst that can happen is it doesn't turn out as good as you hoped but the best that can happen can blow you away! Either way it is worth the journey! So tell me what are you going to make?

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Gabrielle Cohen
Gabrielle Cohen
14 sept. 2021

My mouth is watering!!!!!!!

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