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Makeup Monday: 1 Palette, 4 Looks!

Welcome to another Makeup Monday! What a great way to make Mondays more bearable and a lot more fun! Today we are looking at different looks all created using the Kat Von D 10th Anniversary palette! You can still find this palette on Amazon, click here. Please note I'm using an affiliate link. I was lucky enough to have one of my closest friends volunteer for one of today's looks and we had a great time playing with makeup and taking photos!

Truth be told I've never done anyone else's makeup before so I was a little nervous but we were both really happy with the final look! It was fun using the same palette for both of us and to see how different they both looked side by side. My look was more dark and villanous and Erinn's look was more fun and Fall.

On the left I point out the colors I used for my look and on the right the colors I used for Erinn's look. They are numbered according to where I placed them: 1. Crease, blend shade, 2. corner crease, 3. Lid, 4. inner corner, 5. Waterline.

I finished my look with a MAC lipstick, Erinn who is not only blessed with legs for days she also has naturally pink, full lips so just a gloss to finish her look. It was a super fun day and I loved creating these looks while chatting, giggling and listening to Dean Martin of course!

For the next look I took more of the oranges, yellows and golds from Erinn's look and left out the greens to create a fun Fall look. Same palette, lots of the same colors and a definite go to look for Fall.

The last look I created for a little bit of a villainous project, so I embraced the green for this dramatic look. I used both green shades from the palette as well as the orange and gold because villains are famous for going big, dramatic looks right?

I am a self proclaimed palette addict, so in order to justify the amount of palettes I have I do my best to use them to the fullest potential. Part of how I decide a palette is worth the money is by determining how many looks I think I can get out of it. I also make sure I can get the fun, dramatic weekend looks and the every day work looks. Do you have a palette you absolutely love? Let's see all the looks you create!

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Thank you so much!!


Liz Betkis Myrato
Liz Betkis Myrato

I really love the green/gold look! So dramatic and perfectly villainous!

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