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Makeup Monday - Favorites Revisited

Ok you guys, today I am heading back to work and the last several days have been such a whirlwind that I bring you a quick Makeup Monday post where I revisit some of my favorite items I discovered during furlough life. I took a couple of days to clean and reorganize my makeup and as I was cleaning I found these two items that I swore I would use every day and then they got lost in the shuffle of other new items. So I pulled them out and had a little fun!

I love the Naughty Palette by Huda Beauty! It has such fun colors, a combination of shimmers and mattes and I remember when I bought it that I was like like "omg I'm going to use this every day" then I bought the next palette oops! I also used the Bowl of Cherries Matte Lip Whip from Beauty Bakerie - this is AMAZING! It stays on all day, even with taking masks on and off and eating. I have talked about it before and I'm still a big big fan. Now you know what I used let's take a look at the look I created.

I went for the shimmer shades today, I love how they look and that slight hint of blue was just what I was going for. I really created this look to match my Donald and Daisy earrings. That's right I created a makeup look to match jewelry! Who else has done that?

Above are the colors I used and where on the eye I used them. The marble shimmer shade Passion is one of my favorites in this palette, it changes color depending on how it catches the light, it had just the right hint of blue for me. For the record the matte marble shade is also incredible I just didn't have a use for it for this particular look.

This all went nicely with the Lip Whip which tied into Daisy's red lips and the red hearts in Donald's eyes. I love creating looks based on outfits, themes, movies but this was the first time I based a look on jewelry. What is the craziest thing you've based a makeup look on?

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