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New Adventures Underway

As we wrap up the first month of the new year, I'm happy to report new adventures are already underway and many, many new adventures planned for the remainder of 2023. I ended 2022 with a brand new job and as we dive into the new year I will dive into this opportunity, learning, meeting new people, and being a part of the magic here at Walt Disney World. There will be less opportunities for business travel but so much more to experience and be a part of. I'll be sharing more in the coming months so stay tuned.

With a new position comes a new leader who truly understands work/life balance and the importance of family, so it was without hesitation that my new boss allowed me to take a week off already to spend my birthday week in California with my family. My mom's birthday is three days before mine so it was a week of celebrations and togetherness. Grateful to my parents who were so willing to use points to fly Tamy and I out and my mom and sister made a ton of plans. It was really a blast.

One of our favorite new experiences in California was the Santa Anita Racetrack. I had never been to a horse race before but Santa Anita is one of my mom's favorite places and it was a beautiful day, a beautiful place and the very first race our horse came from behind and won! It was a great start to the day. We drank wine, ate barbecue and dumplings and just had the best time hanging out together.

Of course the entire family loves food so this trip was full of incredible meals. My mom's birthday was celebrated at Petit Trois Le Valley one of my favorite restaurants in the Los Angeles area where I ate the best escargot ever and we enjoyed cocktails, wine and lots of bread and butter not to mention delightful chocolate mousse and chocolate soufflé!

My birthday I chose to celebrate at Scopa Italian Roots, a big fan of Chef Antonia Lofaso since she appeared on Top Chef I had been to Scopa before but it had been several years and it was time to introduce my parents to this amazing restaurant. Holy cow this was better than I even remembered, the cocktails, the appetizers and the pastas were all outstanding and the desserts - WOW! My dad who is always hesitant to try new things was blown away and said Scopa offered some of the best food he's had since moving to California! High praise indeed from my super traditional and often stuck in his ways dad! The night was made that much more special by seeing Chef Antonia herself breeze through the dining room!

Other fun adventures in California included amazing Greek food, wine tasting, playing with my furry nephew Frankie, making orange sorbet from oranges Tamy and my mom picked from the yard and our very first earthquake. Truth be told I could have done without the earthquake but it was a very California thing to have happen.

Now that we are home we are moving forward with new adventures, new craft projects that I have ideas for, new journaling, I'm in the process of taking the online course Style Language, new books I want to read both with Bob and on my own. There will be more themed nights some with movies and some without, there will be game nights with friends, theme park adventures, more yoga, more walks, more photos being taken. This year I really want to focus on the things and the people that are good for me and my mental health. That might also mean taking a little time to cocoon and just take care of me. We are also seriously researching travel this year - 2023 may be the year I finally make it to Italy!!

This year is already off to an incredible start and I'm so excited for what is in store and I'm hoping you will take the journey with me! Leave the adventures you are most looking forward to in the comments below - let's make this year an epic one!

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