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Our New Adventure

After seven years we said goodbye to Metrowest apartment. The apartment was good to us and we made some fantastic memories there, fun with friends, photo walls, it is where we said goodbye to our beloved dog Hooper and said hello to our little spoiled pup Brody, we had holidays with friends and decorated and re-decorated. But after seven years we outgrew the space and the community was no longer what we wanted it to be.

Thanks to our friend Erinn we started eyeing the community where she lives and then she told us they had a 55+ section. Now though I'm not 55+ Tamy sure is so it was worth going to take a look. We arrived on a Saturday with the intention of looking and only looking but when we walked into the model apartment we both instantly fell in love. Tamy stuck with the leasing agent asking the financial questions and logistical questions. I was threatening to hide in the closet and Erinn had to pry me out. When we got back to the office the decision was made - we would break our lease and move ASAP. And so under a month later we are here in our new apartment and so in love!

Our building is beautiful, everything is inside and super convenient. Our new kitchen is GORGEOUS and I can't even begin to imagine all the amazing things I'm going to whip up in there. Tamy was concerned that I would be embarrassed living in a 55+ community but basically I've found where I belong. All o the neighbors we met so far are absolutely lovely and we've met more of them in two weeks then we had in seven years in the previous place.

Brody is in heaven in the dog park where we take him to run and play every day. He is calmer and his sinuses (and mine) are much better here.

My craft room is amazing. Like totally amazing! Thankfully Erinn kept me on track and we were able to unpack it all that first weekend and I have a beautiful space to craft, workout, practice yoga and work. I feel so happy in there and so much more creative!

We are looking forward to this next chapter and all the new adventures we will have here. Halloween might have been cut a little short due to the move but you can expect big things in this new space for Christmas! So grateful for Erinn for steering us in this direction now not only do we have one of our closest friends as a neighbor but we have found where we are meant to be. We have noticed that we have a harder time going to work in the morning because we don't want to leave our home, we have more energy, we do more and play more and laugh more and everything is just falling into place. I can't wait to take you all on this new adventure! Questions about the new space - just ask in the comments below!

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