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Recipe Round-Up: Current Go To's

A definite upside to all the free time I have right now is all the cooking I've been doing. I've always loved cooking and trying new recipes and just getting lost in the kitchen and then eating delicious things!

When things are "normal" its harder to spend time in the kitchen, or I guess I don't make that time in the kitchen because I'm, you know busy, tired, stressed, all the things that go along with working full time and trying to have a full life. Since I currently find myself with free time and cooking relaxes me I have found a little silver lining. I have been trying all kinds of new recipes and cooking up really delicious things and I'll showcase all of that good stuff but for today we are going to look at the recipes I keep coming back to - my go to favorites!

First up, Pasta Puttanesca from Alex Guarnaschelli's The Home Cook (click to order) You can certainly search the internet and find a good alternative but this pasta dish is quick and easy and DELICIOUS! It is so flavorful and don't get nervous when you see anchovies on the ingredients list trust me they melt right into the sauce you will never know they are there, I mean except that they make this dish absolutely delicious! My mom made Puttanesca a lot when I was a kid, so on nights when I need a little comfort food I make this. It looks and tastes so fancy but it takes almost no time at all! I have made this dish easily once a month since furloughed!

Another staple here is Parmesan Crusted Chicken, also known as mayonnaise chicken. I make this one a lot! I make it a lot because it's pretty healthy, it's super fast and easy and because it is Tamy's favorite. I use chicken thighs because they stay so moist, I have also used pork chops, chicken breasts, chicken strips and once I even used flounder. I also add a little garlic powder to the mayonnaise mixture and a little extra Parmesan cheese on top of the breadcrumbs just to make it a little more magical. Typically I make two trays of this so we can have leftovers, this chicken is great over salad, or with rice and we've even had it as a sandwich!

A recent favorite, which pairs nicely with the chicken is Daphne Oz's shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad. Oh my gosh this salad is so light, and bright and summery and delicious! It is so super easy to make but so flavorful! I love Brussels Sprouts and I highly recommend this salad if you like them even a little. Click here to get The Happy Cook.

Have you been cooking during this crazy time? Have you tried new recipes that you absolutely love and that you now find on your cooking rotation? Share them below and let me know which recipes I should try!

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