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Adventures in Donuts - Orlandough

Another day, another Fruity Pebbles donut! This week me and my friend and donut buddy Reyna shared a box of donuts from Orlandough. This one is a little different as they don't have a brick and mortar shop but instead you order donuts that we picked up at a local cafe, they also from time to time do pop ups so I suggest following them to keep track of there current whereabouts and ordering procedures. We placed the order for the Dealer's Choice box of 4 and Reyna requested a Fruity Pebbles situation so I could continue my mission to find the best fruity cereal donut of all time! We picked up our donuts at Easy Luck Coffee & Bodega which is SUPER cute and we will be visiting again in the future to try some of their food and coffee options. I did pick up an Oreo Cookie Stout because I just couldn't help myself (I'll let you know how it is as soon as I try it)

Our Dealer's Choice box was filled with the fruity gem called Cereal Milk, Cookie Butter Cream Filled, Chocolate Old Fashioned Smores and Coffee Twist. I immediately devoured the Cereal Milk and it was pretty tasty. The cake part was very good, the icing wasn't so sweet and overpowering that you couldn't taste the fruity cereal and the cereal was fresh and still crunchy. A super way to get this party started for Orlandough. Reyna dug into the Cookie Butter Cream filled and though she usually doesn't go for the filled donuts she was glad she had this one, she really enjoyed it.

We split the remaining two so we could taste them both! The smores was good, again the cake was moist and yummy but the chocolate stole the show and you really couldn't taste the graham crackers at all. I got one bite where I got a hint of the graham crackers and it was super good. I'm also a huge chocolate fan so tasting mostly chocolate didn't upset me all that much! The Coffee Twist was delicious though the name is a bit of a misnomer if you are expecting it to taste like coffee, however that being said it might have been my favorite of the day. It was sugary without being sickly sweet the cake was so nice, fresh, moist and just yummy!

Overall Orlandough made a solid first showing and we will be keeping an eye on future ordering options and pop ups so we can try more of these yummy donuts. We are always looking for new donuts to try so let me know if you have a favorite!

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