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Christmas Adventures - Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve is historically my favorite day of the whole year. It's a day full of good food, anticipation, Santa tracking and holiday cheer. But it's a little sad too because it means it's almost over and I know come December 26th people will start taking all the decorations down and that feels so final. For now we are going to focus on what makes Christmas Eve special.

I started tracking Santa when I woke up at 6AM. I love watching where he's been, where's he's heading and how many presents he's dropped. I know it seems silly but it's a tradition and there's an app for it so it literally costs me nothing to believe in a little magic on this day. Tamy asked me earlier when he was coming here but I think she was just hoping she could go to bed! HAH!

There was a lot of cooking today, a lot of prep for tomorrow but some we got to enjoy today, our last errand outside of the house and lots and lots of holiday music and movies. As I type this I'm sitting here with a full belly, a full glass of wine and Prancer playing. We went for walks, we had a little family photo shoot in front of the tree and we had some great conversation. There were some stressful and emotional things that happened today but like so many of us in the world right now we have handled them as best we can and are doing our best to make the next few days special and happy.

This has been a year huh? A year that we never saw coming, a year we couldn't possibly prepare for but a year where we are trying to do the best we can. For me I'm using this time to create a cozy Christmas, full of traditions, full of magic, full of food! I choose to believe that things will get better, that we will all muddle through until we can be together again and in the meantime I'll be over here stuffed full of Shrimp Scampi and spinach dip but still dreaming of eggnog, hot cocoa and Cassata Cake.

Tomorrow will be the last of my Christmas blog posts, I will likely take a day or two off but will be back with fun and exciting things as we enter the new year and I am so grateful for all of you who read this little blog and have supported me on this Christmas adventure. I hope you are having a happy day with your family, I hope you are making the best of what 2020 sent our way and I hope you'll share all of your Christmas Eve traditions with me! Now get to bed, Santa's coming!

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