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Creating an Epic Christmas

I was once told that I always had to make Christmas "too epic" - this proclamation was not meant as a compliment, it was more of an accusation and a very negative one. It's safe to say that the person who said this is currently having the worst Christmas of their life and would probably give anything for one of my epic Christmas adventures.

I share this because it is true, I do feel the need to make Christmas epic. My mom always worked super hard to make the holidays special and my sister and I carry on so many of those traditions. I don't do it to put pressure on myself or to be extra for extras sake, I do it because this is the time of year we can hold onto magic, believe in something we normally don't, where people tend to be nicer to each other, where there is hope in every twinkle light and angels getting their wings with every ringing bell.

The epic Christmas isn't about spending a ton of money or anything elaborate. My epic Christmas means telling stories for each ornament hung on the tree, it's baking mom's anise pillows while listening to The Supremes. An epic Christmas means spending time with the people you love, it's Christmas music and Hallmark movies, it's cozy socks and mugs of hot cocoa. There is actually no right or wrong when it comes to an epic Christmas, it's embracing the spirit and creating the magic.

I know this year, like last year is not everything we may want it to be. We may not get to see all of the people we want to see, or hug all of the people we want to hug. We may feel stressed, scared, mad, annoyed, riddled with anxiety - there is no right or wrong way to feel here, we are all going through something unbelievable and doing the best we can to make it to the other side. So here are a few ideas to make your Christmas Epic:

  1. Self care is just as important as doing for others! Remember during this busy season hustle and bustle can be fun but it's not for everyone. If the stresses of the season are getting you down take time and do something just for you. For me, every night I take a few minutes and sit in front of the tree. I just sit in the quiet right before bed and let myself take it in, enjoy it and breathe. This time for you is so incredibly important so take it!

  2. Cross something off your list - I know this sounds crazy right we are throwing the most epic Christmas aren't we? But take a look at your to do list and cross one thing off and you know what that does? Leaves room for you to do the things that you really want to do, that you really want to enjoy.

  3. Traditions! Find your traditions either something you take from your family and you've been doing since you were young or a new tradition that you have established in recent years, or maybe even this year. We do a little of both. I make cookies and cakes my mom has always made and are important, watching certain shows and movies is important and Tamy and I now make cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning and eat them while watching A Christmas Story and then we open presents. It's a nice way to prolong the morning and not feel rushed.

  4. Do it on your time table! I put up Christmas early and according to some I take it down late but I leave Christmas up until after January 6th and that is a tradition. I don't let anyone dictate when I light my tree or what time we open presents it's all our way. One year we stayed in our pajamas the entire day and you know what? That is totally ok and fit perfectly with our epic Christmas that year.

  5. Christmas is what you make it! You get to choose what Christmas is this year, sure we can't control a virus or restrictions or our fears but we can make the most out of this holiday, so decide what you want this Christmas to be about. What do you want to look back on next year and remember? For me I want to remember being with friends, I want to remember laughing with Tamy over our gingerbread house and I want to remember this first Christmas in our new home. You'll notice the things I want to look back on are feelings and memories not things. What do you want to remember next year? Now do that thing and there you have it an epic Christmas!

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday, I hope you know I'm here if you need me and I hope you know your epic Christmas can mean elaborate parties or hiding under the covers for the next week - there is no judgement here. Let's share our magic, what is one thing that is making your Christmas epic this year?

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