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Finding Adventure During a Pandemic - Fitness

For many years my favorite form of exercise would have found me hanging from a hoop or swinging from a pole but you with the current Pandemic gyms began to close, some re-opening and some not. At the moment I find myself in between aerial studios but that certainly doesn't mean I stop exercising. I have been working harder than ever to find alternatives and thankfully, it has been easier than I anticipated!

Zoom is not just for meetings and virtual happy hours anymore! My cousin Josh teaches amazing workout classes through Zoom. And they are not amazing because we are related they are seriously amazing and tough, really tough. I have found myself getting so much stronger, my stamina improved and my muscles more toned. I feel like once I can return to aerial workouts I'll be much better prepared! Mvmt by Josh isn't the only online option, there are so many great workouts to be found a couple of my favorites are Yoga with Adriene and Emkfit, these gals will really put you in a better mood with their very different but extremely effective workouts! Click on the links and start a new adventure for yourself!

Another of my favorite activities is participating in races, particularly RunDisney events. Signing up for races is what motivates me to continue to train and get miles in leading up to races. Now races are being canceled or being turned virtual and old me would have been like "ok I don't run anymore yay!" but present day me searched for other options. There are tons of virtual race options out there. I've done 3 this summer so far. Want to make it an adventure? Grab some friends, sign up for the same race, pick a location and day and off you go. Run the event like you would any race day without the crowds! We even had Tamy standing at our finish line handing out the medals.

I'm really glad that I used this time to find something new as well as continue the things I love. Working out as helped me physically sure, but mentally it has done wonders, having goals, staying active, taking time to do something that isn't just about all the crap that is going on. What fitness adventure are you on?

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