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Finding Adventure During a Pandemic - Scones

It is definitely easy to get lost in all the bad news and give in to binge watching, couch sitting and junk food eating while we go through this unprecedented time in our lives. And it is certainly ok to do all of those things, but for me I know if I give in a little I may never leave my house and would fall into a really dark mental and emotional state. So I've chosen to find adventure in life during a pandemic!

I know we are all at different stages and different comfort levels leaving the house so the first thing I suggest is getting in the kitchen. If you are anything at all like me you have a hundred cookbooks or saved recipes on Pinterest and what better time to try some of these saved recipes while we have the time to toil around in the kitchen.

One of my absolute favorite cookbooks is Pull Up a Chair from Tiffani Thiessen, everything I've made from this book has been delicious, the problem is there are a lot of things I haven't made so I pulled it out, had instacart deliver some ingredients and I whipped up delicious blueberry lemon scones! They turned out amazing and I felt it was something I wouldn't have done if I didn't just have a random Thursday to just bake my little heart out. Interested in trying the scones for yourself click image below to purchase.

I have started going through each of my cookbooks and making a list of which recipes I want to try. This makes a great reference for when I want to cook or bake something I just pull out the notebook housing this list and pick something from it. What a sense of accomplishment to check items off this list and to remind myself how much I love spending time in the kitchen and instead of being sad or depressed I have a sense of accomplishing something!

I will be sharing more adventures in cooking as this little blog moves forward as well as other places to find adventure during a time where travel may not be possible.

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