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The End of Furlough Life

This week I went back to work! I got the call last Wednesday and I couldn't accept fast enough. To say this year away from a job I absolutely love has been difficult would be a major understatement and now I'm back. I walked into a very familiar building, doing a very familiar job on Monday and it has been surreal and overwhelming and emotional all at the same time. The emotions have been mixed, sheer joy for being back home where I feel I belong, excitement for seeing co-workers who are friends and family and incredible sadness for those who are not there.

It is crazy how many things came super easy like I didn't miss a beat, like I didn't lose a year. I thought I would struggle, forget things, lose my touch but thankfully things are going pretty well. There have been changes and I'm adapting. I'm also learning to do more with less sleep and to keep up with the things I loved doing during my time home like crafting, cooking and blogging. It has only been four days so it will be a work in progress for sure.

Maybe you are asking what this means for this little blog? (maybe you don't care and that's perfectly ok) but the answer is I hope to only have more to say, more adventures on the horizon and a less emotional mess of a blogger! I will be more mindful about planning content and I will use my at home time wisely. I am giving myself grace this first week to readjust and get into a routine. I have more Makeup Mondays planned, trips planned, Tamy's birthday adventures planned and lots of more themed days planned so please know I am not abandoning ship and might even end up having ideas for adding adventure to a busy schedule!

As always I want to know what you want to see, what you want to read about and what adventures you hope to share in the future. And if you have any tips for getting back into the groove after a year of captivity I can definitely use the help. I am so happy to be back at work but I am also glad for close to a year of blogging and thankful for all of you who read.

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Gabrielle Cohen
Gabrielle Cohen
07 พ.ค. 2564

I am so happy that you were finally called back to work! Also, I know there have been ups and downs, but I am so very proud of how you’ve been able to navigate this last year and some change of uncertainty. You are a badass and never forget that!

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