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Vegas Weddings - A Family Affair

True story, aside from Walt Disney World, which is where I live, work and play, I have been to Las Vegas more than any other place in the world. My first visit I was maybe 5 and I was completely taken with the lights and the ringing of the slot machines, so taken in fact that I tried to give my money to a stranger to play the slots for me! That same trip my parents took me to see Charo and I watched her cootchie cootchie from the front row and I almost choked to death on a piece of prime rib while seeing Liberace with my grandmother! Big trip for such a little girl huh?

The Wynn Resort in particular is the Leonetti clan's home away from home and it was at the Wynn that we continued to extend our clan by getting married there! My sister started it, Tamy and I followed and one year ago today my parents renewed their vows at of course The Wynn Las Vegas! All three wedding ceremonies were performed by the same darling officiant, pretty cool huh?

Me and my mom shared the same wedding planner turned friend to help us make our day so special. Honestly if you ever find yourself getting married in Vegas, go see Becky!! We hit it off the minute we first exchanged emails, and she didn't even flinch when I told her I wanted a Hallmark Christmas movie meets Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pat style wedding - she just made it happen! We always visit her when we are back in town and honestly she is part of that family we keep extending while in Vegas!

Some families have a wedding dress they pass down or a family church they all wed in but we have the Wynn and we are not sorry. Me and Tamy and Mom and Dad also hosted our wedding reception at the same restaurant - Sinatra's! I mean of course we needed that Rat Pack vibe right?? Also the food is beyond amazing and the service is top notch!

I can't wait until we can all be back there together again, even if it's not for a wedding! We have celebrated so many happy moments together in Vegas and particularly at the Wynn, birthday's, anniversaries, new friends, old friends and just that wonderful elegant at home feeling!

I feel very sentimental for this magical place and in our spare time Tamy and I look at the Wynn website and pick out our next room and look at the menus to our favorite restaurants (like Sinatra's of course) Of course I also wouldn't mind envisioning myself lounging in a cabana by the pool and having drinks with the other members of our extended family Cara and Alan or as I call them Coop and Cara! They also wed in Vegas - a sign that they were meant to be part of our extended family!

Does your family have a special place the way the Leonetti's have Vegas? What place are you missing right now and who are you missing being with? I am working to hang onto hope and dream of being in the middle of the lights and action on the Las Vegas Strip!

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That was such a great week!!! Looking forward till we are all there again!!!!

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