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Virtual Book Club - Needful Things

Early in our friendship Bob and I bonded over a love for Stephen King books. We've read a few for our virtual book club already but if I'm being honest I think Needful things was my favorite Stephen King re-read so far (we have others planned in the future so stay tuned!) Needful Things is one of King's Castle Rock books and that was something I loved so much about this book, the appearance of characters and details from other Castle Rock books - so much fun!

This is a long book, with a lot of characters - A LOT! Things we loved about this book was in typical Stephen King fashion his character development is outstanding and his development of the town was outstanding, the town is a character all on its own. Things we didn't love, King is wordy, now most of his words lead to something but not all of them. Bob for sure didn't love the ending he found it to be a little anti-climatic. I didn't love the bit about the spider, it seemed to come out of nowhere and went a little off the rails. But overall we enjoyed reading this book and we were excited to re-read the things we remembered and to rediscover the things we didn't remember.

MVP time - for Bob the MVP was Gaunt. A brilliant villain. After much deliberation I agree with Bob on this one. Gaunt is the perfect villain, creepy, scary, cunning, intriguing. LVP - This one was tough for me. Bob immediately voiced his opinion that the whole town was the LVP, that they were all so easily duped. He's not wrong but I wanted to be more specific. I have thought about this long and hard and I'm gonna go with Sheriff Pangborn as my LVP. Now don't get me wrong I love this character but I feel there were some clues he maybe he should have picked up on. He is supposed to be the guy who knows the town and the people of the town the best and he missed every clue until it was too late so there I said what I said.

Next up we are wrapping up The DaVinci Code and I'm going to add back the movie watching element so keep an eye on that post coming soon to a blog post near you! Are you a fan of Stephen King? If yes, which is your favorite book?

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