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Choosing Experiences Over Presents!

When you get to a certain point in life do you really need more stuff? Especially if like me you have a spending problem and every time you see something you want you just get it! For Christmas this year my friend Sara had the amazing idea of instead of exchanging presents we could do something, make memories, have an adventure! And what an incredible idea it was. As our Christmas adventure we decorated cakes at Amorette's at Disney Springs.

What a great idea right? We had a blast decorating our cakes and we made memories that will last forever, likely longer than anything we would have purchased, and gift wrapped. We had such a good time that I wasn't surprised when Sara said she came up with another special activity to do for my birthday! I wasn't surprised that she had the idea but boy did she surprise me with the activity!!

Everyone kept this secret perfectly; all Tamy and my mom would tell me was that this activity was perfect, and I would love it - and they were right! Sara organized a perfect day that started with snacks at her house and then she took me to Rouge Beauty Lab to make our own lipstick! No, seriously we made custom lipsticks!!

What an incredible experience, we got to choose our colors, choose our base and perhaps I even got to choose that my lipstick smells like coffee. This place was absolutely gorgeous, the service incredible, and yes, we absolutely took home lipsticks, but we made such great memories, we had incredible conversation, and it is something we will definitely do again - next time we may even take advantage of the snacks and wine Rouge offers.

This was such a thoughtful adventure, such a personal activity so fitting for the complete lipstick addict that I am - I can't even begin to thank Sara for planning something so special. Beyond planning this activity, it was Sara who came up with the idea to replace gifts with activities and that is honestly the true gift because we have already made fantastic new memories this year and I'm excited to see what the rest of the year has in store. I fully suggest getting yourself a friend that you rather spend time with, have adventures with and whose friendship is actually the gift. Any suggestions for what we should do next, drop in the comments below.

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