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Makeup Monday - The Long Lasting Lipstick Showdown!

A lot of lipsticks make a lot of claims but recently there have been a few top brands proclaiming to last all day, to not transfer, to not bleed and feather and to not need to be reapplied. I viewed this as a challenge and I picked up Urband Decay's Lip Bond, Haus Labs Atomic Shake and Dior Forever Transfer Proof Lipstick. I posted reels over on Instagram on how these lasted throughout the day but I thought it would be a good idea to get more of my thoughts and feelings on this into a longer post, so here goes nothing.

Let's start with Haus Labs Atomic Shake. I picked up the sought after color Ruby Shine and I had high hopes because this brand makes some huge promises. A gloss that will last all day? Sign me up. The color goes on nice, you have to shake the tube, apply and then keep your lips separated for the gloss to set. I did all these things and found myself disappointed. I tried it again and the same results.

This gloss doesn't stay put, it bleeds, it feathers, it transfers like crazy and by the end o the day I look a mess. In the first photo above that was after lunch - I'd only wore this gloss for a few hours and already it was a mess and traveling all over my mouth. The photo of the mug is to show you how much it transferred during my morning coffee. I'm the most disappointed in this gloss and would definitely not purchase another.

The Urban Decay Vice Lip Bond Glossy Liquid Lipstick is pretty good. The premise is the same, you shake and keep your lips parted to set. I got the Merlot Red and this color is amazing. It goes on glossy and I love that. The pictures above were taken the same day, the first right after application and the second right before I washed my face for bed. It doesn't stay glossy all day but I don't mind that. I never had to reapply and it didn't feather or smear. There was some transfer but not a huge amount.

I was so impressed I took it out for a test ride another day, this time I really put it to the test and wore it for 12 hours in the heat and humidity of an Orlando Theme Park where I drank water all day, ate lunch and dinner and snacks and yet still by the end of the day it wasn't terrible. Obviously you can see where it wore off but I never reapplied and it didn't travel anywhere aside from my lips! This I would buy in another color and I regularly wear it to work!

Last but not least Rouge Dior Forever Transfer Proof Lipstick in the shade Forever Dior. Now make no mistake this is Dior so it comes with a higher price tag and the claim of 16 hour transfer proof and this lives up to that claim. I have worn it and not had any on coffee cups, wine classes, bananas or cheeks. It also doesn't bleed or feather at all! I don't know if it would last the full 16 hours without needing to reapply but for a red lipstick not to get all over the place, well, that's ok for me. I think I'll be grabbing this one on a regular basis.

Have you tried any of these long lasting lipsticks? Do you have a favorite? Comment below and let me know and be sure to check out the reels where I take you through a day wearing each of these.

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