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Makeup Monday - Clinique Haul

Ok you guys, you know I love my Clinique for skin care and it was time for Macy's free gift with purchase so I took it as a good opportunity to pick up some essentials I was running low on.

Ok I recently tried the JLo Serum and I didn't love it. I found it helped my neck look a little better but for $79 it didn't do what I wanted it to. Now the Clinique Turnaround Accelerated Renewal Serum is a dream. At only $48 this makes my skin look and feel different IMMEDIATELY! It clears any blemishes, it gives me a nice glow and this is just a winner in my book so whereas I won't likely re-purchase the JLo Beauty Serum I will continue to buy bottle after bottle of Clinique's which I refer to as magic serum!

I love Clinique's Clarifying Lotion, we need the daily exfoliation and it makes my skin feel so clean and so fresh that I look forward to it every day! I love the jumbo bottle as well because it has that nice pump so I don't have to pick up the bottle and unscrew the top every day!

I've discussed my love for Beyond Perfecting foundation in the past and I continue to switch back and forth between Clinique and Hourglass for my foundation depending on the coverage I need for the day.

For this order I also picked up the High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara, I've only worn it once so far but wow it packs a punch! I will chat more about it when we review more mascaras in the near future. I have included links to these products from Macy's because that is where I purchased these items, they are still running a free gift with purchase and these items are all on sale as well so if you pick up any of these goodies I would love to hear your thoughts!

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