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Makeup Monday - Colourpop Valentine's Day Look

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and I got a new Colourpop palette that I thought would be perfect for a dreamy, romantic eye look. I actually think the All That palette was from last year's Valentine collection but since I just started using Colourpop recently I picked up this palette during the most recent sale! I mean you absolutely can't beat the price point! I paired the look with Plum Pop by Clinique you know how much I love my Clinique lipsticks!

I labeled the shadow colors I used above. For the shade The Feels - use a super light touch, this is just to give it a little dimension and deepen the color. For the shade Fishnets I wet my brush just a tiny bit. I have to say overall I am really happy with how this look turned out and I'm getting more comfortable blending and layering multiple shades. I'm super impressed with the pigment and how nicely the Colourpop shadows blend.

What do you think? Romantic and dreamy? Am I Valentine's Day ready? Of course with the pandemic still running amuck I'm sure our Valentine's Day will just be a nice dinner in but that won't stop me from themed looks and outfits all week long so stay tuned!

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Gabrielle Cohen
Gabrielle Cohen
08 Şub 2021

OMG!!!!! I 100% Stan this look!!!

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