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Makeup Monday - Eyeliner Roundup!

You guys know I love eyeshadows and have a load of palettes and create looks all of the time but what about eyeliner that finishes off the look so nice. I know for 2021 I want to learn how to do the winged liner and more creative liner looks but even doing the basic using a good liner is so important! I'm going to show you some of the liners in my daily rotation, one is an old favorite, one is a new favorite and the other two are new finds and I'm getting the hang of them.

The Beauty Bakerie Lollipop Liner is the only product from Beauty Bakerie that I didn't fall in love with right away but as I use it I'm finding the right touch to apply it smooth. It really takes a light hand and when you think you are going in with a gentle touch go ahead and lighten it up some more. I have found my footing with this and now that I have worked out the application kinks I really do like it!

It goes on super smooth and not streaky at all which is nice. The last thing you want is those pull marks ruining a good eye look!

KVD Beauty Tattoo Eyeliner has been a long time favorite. So long that I was using it when KVD was Kat Von Dee Beauty! I always have this on hand in black and brown, it stays on so nice, it applies so nice. It's my favorite!

It goes on with such precision! I can't help but love it. In the above look I'm using the Mad Max Brown, but I promise you the Trooper Satin Black is just as incredible!

This next one I bring you a two for one! Huda Beauty Life Liner Double Ended Liquid and Pencil! I wasn't sure how I would feel about this one and only purchased it a short while ago but I am really digging it. I don't use the pencil as often but it is nice having both handy!

For the above look I used both ends of this liner! I used the liquid for lid and the pencil side for my lower lash line. This really worked for the look I was going for, the pencil was a little smudgier than I would have liked but I was going for that villainous rocker look so it worked.

This last one is a brand new favorite! On a whim I purchased the Intense Ink Liquid Waterproof Eyeliner by Sephora in Metallic Rich Plum. I knew it would be perfect for the look I wanted to create above and I was right and I fell in love that on my return to Sephora I added two more colors, Satin Black and Satin Forest Green.

I am wearing the above Forest Green in the look above, my friend Gabby suggested the color would look good with my baby Yoda palette from Colourpop and she was DEAD ON! I love how it goes on, smooth, great color without looking dated or like I'm trying to hard to be young (hah!) At only $12 they are also a bargain which is why I have three colors already!

Now I want to hear from you, what is your favorite eyeliner? Do you wear various colors or are you a one color type? Can't wait to hear!

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2 comentários

Gabrielle Cohen
Gabrielle Cohen
08 de mar. de 2021

I never learned the art of eyeliner application. I might need an in person tutorial

08 de mar. de 2021
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any time Gabby

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