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Makeup Monday - Find What Works For You!

I love sharing makeup with you guys. I share what works for me in the hopes that you will find something you love, or be inspired to take chances and have fun, but I know not everything I share will work for you. I had a super interesting conversation about just that, how something I love that I feel works really well for me worked like garbage for her. The example was the eyeliner I'm wearing above. All week I've been wearing the Colourpop Bff Liquid Liners. I have multiple colors and I feel they go on nice and the price is right. My friend could not get this liner to stay on and smudged even though she was indoors and not doing anything that would cause them to smudge - crazy right? Turns out there are a bunch of factors that can cause this, you can have greasy lids that cause eye makeup to slide right off, or you can have dry lids that eye makeup clings to (I think that is the case for me) You may have hooded lids or eyes shaped a certain way causing eyeliner to rub right off. It's not something I talk about when I post week after week but there are definitely factors at play.

My mom taught me a lot of what I know about makeup yet the eye looks I go for are very different than the ones she goes for. I gravitate towards a lot of shimmer shades, I dabble in glitters and that just isn't something my mom goes for but that doesn't mean she doesn't like the looks I create or that I still can't learn from her. Eye shadow is not only a preference as far as how bold you want to go with your looks but it also depends on your skin tone, shades can get lost on your skin, you can choose colors that will bring out your undertones, you can base it on your eye color to bring that out so colors that work for my olive complexion may not work for someone fair.

This holds true for lipstick too, I love my signature red lipstick but if I pick a shade with too much orange I look like I have old pasta sauce staining my lips! You can wear a shade that is too close to your skin tone and it gets lost. You also have to take lip shape into account, did you know some shades can make thin lips appear thinner, you should wear a gloss on top to give them a plumped look. Other things to take into account - hair, eye and even teeth color! Who knew!

This is all to say that while I absolutely love posting my makeup finds, what works and what doesn't, looks I create, I fully know that they won't work for everyone and I'm always open to hearing what you have to say, what does work for you and what doesn't and together we can find out why sound good?

There will be no Makeup Monday blog post next week because I will be traveling but stay tuned for lots more fun both makeup and otherwise!

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