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Makeup Monday - Finding Inspiration

Where do you find makeup inspiration? Where do you turn for tips and tricks and how tos for the new products you just purchased? It was a long time before I came up with the confidence to create looks on my own and I'm definitely still learning all the time, so the first place I head when I get a new palette is YouTube. I do a quick search and just watch videos to get ideas. It was during these searches that I found a couple of people that I now follow regularly.

Mel Thompson is cool and creative and has such great eye look tutorials I am constantly blown away by the looks she creates. She focuses on a lot of high end palettes which I absolutely love. You can find Mel here.

Next up is Danielle Kristy, she has fun True Crime/Makeup Videos as well as reviews, tutorials and all kinds of other great stuff. Her Instagram feed is pretty incredible too, you can find her YouTube channel here.

Speaking of Instagram that is another great place to find inspiration, I watch a lot of reels which is where I found the fun tips to create this look.

There are hundreds of reels showing this technique of putting three stripes of color on your lid, the darkest on the outside and the lightest on the inside and then blending. It's fast and it's fun and for this one I really place with the color putting that blue on the inside. You can also head to Instagram where I created a reel of my own for this look.

What new trends have you found on the internet? Who should I follow and what should I try next?

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