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Makeup Monday - Holiday looks and a New Palette!

It's that time of year to add a little shimmer and shine to your eye looks. Play with colors as you head out to holiday gatherings or outings, add sparkle as you find yourself in situations where more photos are taken. Whatever the case the holidays is always that time of year where we all seem to step up our look. After spending a lot of time inside last year I'm excited to have reasons to elevate my eye looks - reasons other than selfies that is!

For my first holiday party in a long time I turned to a holiday palette from last year Naughty from Huda Beauty. This palette is still available at Sephora and the colors were perfect for the look I was going for. Now is the time to add those shimmer shades and these blend beautifully.

For the next two looks I played with a brand new palette! You guys know how much I love Fruity Pebbles and you watched me eat donut after donut with this fruity delight sprinkled on top and now I can create fun looks with a Fruity Flinstone themed palette from Revolution Beauty! It is currently 30% off!

The greens are beautiful and the pink leans to red which was just what I was looking for. These blend beautifully and the color builds easily for a vibrant look. I will tell you though the pink stained my lid after multiple washings and dousing with eye makeup remover. I am super happy with the shimmery look with traditional colors from a non-traditional palette.

For the next look I used less traditional Christmas colors but colors that I pulled from my holiday tee shirt. I had a blast creating this and these colors were so lovely, really well pigmented without being over the top and you know how I've been obsessed with blue eyeshadows lately pairing it with my original love purple shadow made me so happy!

From glitz and glamour for a holiday party to more casual looks it is always fun to create holiday looks! My makeup tips for this holiday season:

  1. Don't be afraid to play with non-traditional colors

  2. Add shimmer and sparkle

  3. Have fun!

I'll be sharing more holiday looks next week, if there is something you want to see please let me know in the comments below and if you create a festive look please share it!

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