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Makeup Monday - I'm a Barbie Girl!

I have always been a huge fan of Barbie Dolls so when Colourpop came out with the Malibu Barbie collection you know I had to get it! I'm so glad I did because like every other palette I've picked up from Colourpop I was not been disappointed at all. This palette is so fun and so summery I have been having a blast creating looks with this.

I always love a palette that has a mix of shimmer shades and matte shades and this one certainly fits the bill. I'm obsessed with the oranges and coppers and though I keep saying I don't use a lot of blues and yellows the matte yellow and both blues in this palette are so much fun!!

The first look I created was full Barbie pink and a hint of gold shimmer! I love how these colors blend so nicely together and how fantastically pigmented they are. It took no time to get this vibrant look. I paired the eye look with the Malibu Sunset lipstick kit, I love this so much. The lipstick and liner stay on really nice even when I take my mask on and off, which is great for workdays. I usually don't go so vibrant pink for workdays but I just loved how this looked so much I couldn't resist!

For weekend brunch I went a little wild with my look pairing the beautiful pinks with that shimmery blue that I'm now obsessed with. I won't lie I was a little nervous dipping my brush into that blue but the look turned out so much better than I imagined it would. I went with the same lip because, well, I'm obsessed!

For another work look I paired the oranges and a little matte pink with a little matte blue for this lovely work look. I really liked using these colors together and was really happy with how this look turned out! I went with a softer lip look, just a little gloss to round this out.

Another work look I went oranges and coppers and yellow. It paired well with my Orange Bird accessories but I wish I added a little more pink to match my shirt. Overall happy with the look and would use it again!

For another fun outing I had to really glam up the pink and this might be my favorite look of the bunch but it's really hard to decide. These pinks are just so gorgeous and are so easy to work with. We went back to the Malibu Sunset lip and I was really feeling it!

For the final look in this post but by no means the final look I will create with this palette I went back to the blues, some gold, some pinks and oranges and browns to create a really great look! The Surfs Up shimmer blue is such a great shade. It can be really bold but is easily softened. I blended it with the gold and it feels super beachy to me which was kinda what I was going for. Since the eye look was so bold I paired it with Colourpop's Biscotti lipgloss and I'm pretty jazzed with how it looked!

Overall I'm really pleased with this palette. The colors blend really well, they have a really great pigment and even with all the looks I've created so far there are some colors I haven't even touched yet. There are countless possibilities and you can go bold or more neutral but very summery, very bright and super fun. The lip duo was also worth every penny, they stay on really well, they don't bleed and run and the color is so vibrant I think it will be my lip of the summer! Once again another great buy from Colourpop!

Which look is your favorite? Have you picked up this or any other Colourpop palette? Which is your favorite? Share with me in the comments or find me on Instagram, I can't wait to chat about makeup with you!

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1 Comment

Gabrielle Cohen
Gabrielle Cohen
Jun 07, 2021

All of your looks are so on point that I can’t choose a fave! Colourpop palettes are outstanding! I mean you get so much for such a small price. I was obsessed with That’s Taupe and used it for work all of the time. However, my clumsy self dropped it this weekend and the whole thing was destroyed. Thank goodness the price point is low AND I have Going Coconuts as a back up.

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