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Makeup Monday - Palette Week!

Happy Makeup Monday! Today's post is more of an announcement for a week long palette project that will end with next Monday's blog post. You guys know I have a palette problem, I likely have a hundred different palettes now, I stopped counting... back when I was working with my friend Hayden he would occasionally remind me that I had a million other palettes and we would embark on a week where every single day I used a palette from my stash. This little project helps me remember the products I love that have been pushed to the back of the drawer for the new favorites. So starting today I will create a new look with a different palette every day. I will document this journey all week long on Instagram with reels and posts but next Monday I will do a full round up with what looks were my favorite and perhaps (though unlikely) which palette might fight their way into the recycle bin. I hope you will join me for this fun filled week of eye shadow fun. I also hope you will share your favorite palettes, do you have a go to or do you switch it up all the time?

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