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Makeup Monday - When Life Gives you Lemons!

You guys already know that I'm a sucker for eye shadow palettes, but Colourpop went above and beyond playing to my weaknesses by releasing a whole new Limoncello collection. Oh my gosh I had to get this right? On release day I was ready to fill my cart and that's just what I did. So first I will tell you what I purchased. I picked up the Simply the Zest Eye and Tool Makeup Set. This included the brushes, the palette and the shadow stix kit. This was a perfect starter set. To this I added the Lux Gloss in Biscotti and let me tell you - I AM OBSESSED!

I'm going to tell you it has been really hard for me not to use the shimmer green which is called Capri. It goes on so smooth, blends so nice and just looks so so pretty. The yellow shimmer is really close but adds just a tiny bit of lightening but side by side on the lid they look a lot alike. I'm also a big fan of blue shadow and the blue shadow stix.

For this above look I had to force myself not to use Capri - which is not a dig to the other colors this whole palette goes on really beautifully but I had to switch gears a little and do something different. I love the burnt orange shades and the brown shades and I can't stop wearing the lip gloss, in the first look I wore it with a lip liner and the second look I wore it all alone. Really pretty either way I think!

Uh oh back to the green but I left out the blue for this look and I used the gold shadow stix for my water line. I loved this look! I can see this becoming a go to look for a while.

Listen - I was wearing an Orange Bird t-shirt so I went back to the green, yellow and orange again but I love this look. It's save to say I love this palette, and I was surprised how much I liked the shadow stix, they are easier to use than I thought they would be. I also want to talk about the brushes, they are soft, they blend nicely and even though they are white bristles they haven't stained so I'm pleased. I have been really trying to expand my brush inventory and I think this was a good purchase for a good price! I'm also a fan of the lip gloss and I'm fairly certain I'll be picking up the other colors from this collection.

Will you be picking up the Limoncello collection? Stay tuned for more because I'm planning many photo shoots with this collection!

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