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Makeup Monday - Why Am I Obsessed?

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

I created the above layout for a guest blog post I did over at ScrapHappy, I am definitely makeup obsessed that is no surprise, but I thought for this Makeup Monday I would talk about the why behind my love for makeup.

It must seem super weird to people that I wear makeup of some kind just about every day, even days when I'm running a race, even on days where I'm going to the beach and even on days where I'm lounging on the couch in sweatpants all day. Why? I'm glad you asked! I was never one of those girls that could walk into any store and walk out with a new outfit. I was always on the chubby end so buying clothes, always a hassle. My feet are wide, so buying shoes, not fun and not easy. I gravitated towards the things that always fit, jewelry and makeup! That grew to include purses too but we'll get to those another time. It helped that my mom was always super into cosmetics and then for much of my life worked for different cosmetic lines, she taught me everything! Thanks to my mom I learned how to apply makeup, how to take care of my skin, and why washing your face before bed is so important! It's something we do together and enjoy together.

Now you know that's how I got my start and my love for makeup just sorta grew with me, I bought more things, tried new things and just found I really enjoyed it. I also feel better when I wear it. Not that I am wearing it for someone or trying to impress anyone, I personally feel better physically and mentally when I have makeup on. I like to look in the mirror and not see a zombie looking back at me. So even if I know I have no intention of leaving the house or putting on a real bra, I dab on some concealer, maybe a fun sparkly eye shadow, some CC Cream or foundation and a little blush for color and I'm good to go. I may not go all out, I may skip the eyeliner and mascara but the little bit of color makes me feel so much better. Especially now that I've been spending so much time here at home, I don't want to fall in the rut where it's OK that I don't bother or get lazy about it. I fix myself up and automatically my mood improves.

Why do I wear makeup for races and walks on the beach? To protect my face from the sun is the major reason here. I usually wear multiple things all with SPF and then it gives me a fun opportunity to play with eye colors and sparkle that you can't get away with just anywhere. Also, I'm always taking photos, I look crazy enough when I run I don't have to let my dark circles get photographed do I? Putting on makeup for a race, again, makes me feel better, I feel dressed, I feel motivated, I feel ready to get photographed with that shiny new medal!

I love makeup and that is really my biggest why. I love how I look and feel in it. Does it help that my wife also loves how makeup looks on me? Sure it does. But she is also pretty happy when I am clean faced. I like playing with colors, I like watching YouTube videos to keep learning new techniques, I love answering the call of Sephora and wandering up and down the aisles just seeing what's new and what I should try. I enjoy creating looks and I enjoying sharing that passion with all of you. I do it for me which makes me love it even more! Bottom line is I love Makeup and the why is because it works for me and puts a smile on my face, isn't that why we should love things and be passionate about things? No one should wear makeup or certain clothes because they feel society is telling them they have to right? Just like I don't forget about makeup just because some people think wearing it isn't important. The decision is mine and you have the power to choose what makes you happy, what your obsession is. I hope you will share it with me!

I love these Makeup Mondays and I'm happy to talk about anything you like or answer any questions you may have - just comment below or send me and email and I'll make it happen!

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